Monday, August 4, 2008

Full Circle

"I would do it all again". Those were the words my Dad told us this weekend after we attended a sealing in Fresno. It was so neat to witness the beginning of an eternal family just one short week after we witnessed the reason for an eternal family. The sealer talked a lot about the importance of eternal marriage and how their posterity will benefit because of the choice they made. AMEN!! I am so grateful that my parents did it right. There is no bigger comfort than to know we will all be together again. 40 years of marriage was all they got, but worth every minute.

I missed my Mom being with us. I would catch myself looking for her, or wanting to tell her something. These are just the things we need to do to find our "new" normal. My Dad is amazing. He has his moments, but he has a strength I have never seen.

Every once in a while a memory of her will hit me, and I hurry and write it down so I will never forget.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Week Gone By

It's been a week. A week. A week.

I wasn't so sure I'd make it through that first day.

And now it's been 7.

Are you sensing my air of disbelief? Good.

I thought those first days would never end. Between all the decisions we had to make so quickly, and the mental fog that followed, it seemed there would never be a "normal" day again.

And here it is, a week later, and there is starting to be some semblance of normal.

But even with the normal, I doubt things will ever be the same.