Monday, August 4, 2008

Full Circle

"I would do it all again". Those were the words my Dad told us this weekend after we attended a sealing in Fresno. It was so neat to witness the beginning of an eternal family just one short week after we witnessed the reason for an eternal family. The sealer talked a lot about the importance of eternal marriage and how their posterity will benefit because of the choice they made. AMEN!! I am so grateful that my parents did it right. There is no bigger comfort than to know we will all be together again. 40 years of marriage was all they got, but worth every minute.

I missed my Mom being with us. I would catch myself looking for her, or wanting to tell her something. These are just the things we need to do to find our "new" normal. My Dad is amazing. He has his moments, but he has a strength I have never seen.

Every once in a while a memory of her will hit me, and I hurry and write it down so I will never forget.


grannybabs said...

I have attended funerals where they have asked the attendees to write down a memory to give to the family.

I don't know if you did that, but hopefully those who knew your mom will share memories with you.

Meanwhile, you are wise to write down the ones that come to you.

And those of us who still have our moms with us will start husbanding our memories now.

nikkipicky said...

Well Said!! What a great blessing, for you to be able to attend a sealing so close after all you have been through, and be reminded of the Eternal blessings we have. I am glad to hear your dad is hanging in there, and that you are slowly finding a new normal. I wish someone had told me to write down memories while I was young. Now it is so much harder for me to pull the memories of my mom out of my head. It makes it hard to tell my kids stories etc. about my mom. I'm glad your writing them down. What a great legacy it will be for your posterity. It's amazing the things I am remembering just trying to come up with the noteables.

Noteable: I remember a time your mom and dad were out of town and I was staying with you guys. (apparently I was trusted :) Oh the trouble we could have gotten into. Anyway, I was liking a not named basketball player at the time and we (you, me, sara, and hmm...I'm not sure if we dragged Keli and Troy with us) drove the Red and White diesel truck over to his house and toilet papered it. Do you remember? Man, I loved it when your parents left me in charge, we always had such fun, but really...what were they thinking? LOL I'm joking, we only had a little innocent fun.

Leavitt said...

Who do you know in Fresno that was sealed? Who was the sealer? The temple president is a close friend of the family and we know several sealers. So glad to have gotten to learn from your experience and see what comfort LIVING the gospel can be. Thank you for sharing and for your example. Hope to talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

That is wonderful that you write those things down. I need to do that right now ---with people that have passed on and people that are still here. Thank you for this inspirational post!!!

Sara said...

I don't know you.I read a comment left on CJane's blog (NieNie) and felt the urge to write. I also lost my mom to pancreatic cancer. She was 57 and on Sept. 8 it will be one year since her death. I went back and read through each post on this blog...all so familiar. I am so sorry for your loss. I wish I could say it gets easier. I think for the last year I have been in shock and it is just now that the reality is setting in. Just hang on to eachother!

Anonymous said...

Girls, hold on, hold on, and hold on....i would like to hold each of you. Hurts like hell. and will for a a while. you guys are the best at keeping together keep it up.

Katrina said...

ok cousins
I read this on a friends blog and thought of you all and thought I would copy it here for you to hopefully find on a day when you need a little boost. Love you guys Katrina

"We don't have life experiences so that we can simply endure them. We must endure them well so that those experiences do change us. That is the purpose of those experiences. If we don't change through them, then they are simply tragic. But if they do change us then they are what I like to call "difficult blessings." They are blessings that we would never wish for, that we would never wish upon anyone else. But if we are honest with ourselves we realize that the best attributes we have, our love, our compassion, our desire to serve, to do better, to be better couldn't have come about to the same degree without those experiences. And so, while we would gladly do away with the experience we would never trade what the experience has done to us. Unfortunately, we cannot have one without the other."

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