Monday, May 30, 2011


Memorial Day. I can't believe it's here again. Last year we all stood over Julie's head noticing how her hair parted and fell just as yours did. It made us all so sad, but in a silly way.

I took flowers to your grave today, and there were so many! You are truly loved and remembered by more people than we (or you, probably,) will ever know. I love knowing that wherever I go, I can mention your name, and without fail, someone will know you, or remember you, or be related to you! It's amazing this legacy you've left behind. Your grandchildren talk about you every day, as if you're still such a huge part of their lives. Your children talk about you every day, and wish you were still around to answer those important questions, like what kind of soy sauce you used in Nasi, and how we're related to George Brown.

I'm sad to see that these nearly 3 years have gone by so quickly. So much has changed, most of us and our lives would be mere shadows of who we were when you left us. But I think it's mostly good change. Growth. Lots and lots of growth. It hasn't come easy, but it's come regardless, and the strength to endure comes from knowing you have our backs, and you watch over us every day.

Happy Memorial Day, mom. We miss you!


Darci Buhl said...

I've been thinking about your mom all week, about how her and your dad used to pack up the motorhome, drive to Vegas and "camp out" in our backyard. We thought it was so cool and always wanted to hang out in there with her...and especially because she'd let us sneak sodas out of the fridge...haha!
We went camping as a family for the first time this weekend and I couldn't stop thinking about her, wondering how the heck she did it all and how she managed to seem so at ease about everything. That couldn't have been easy. If only she were here to give me some pointers, huh?!?
Your mom is a great woman. I love these little tribute posts to her.

emily said...

i kmow u don't know me but i felt i need to comment. i am sorry for ur lose i have no idea what it must be like to lose a cosin has cancer i am not exatly sure what kind.i know alot of people have cancer and or have family that have it.i just want to let u know and to let everyone know that i will be praying for u and ur familys.

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Agustín said...

Sorry for not speaking English. (This is Google translation)
I was wondering how to translate so much feeling, so much pain, so much anger and helplessness towards the worst disease that exists.
I also lost my mother many years ago and I have not a single day I do not remember.
I can only say that it is much better to have loved and lost than to have never loved loved. Thank you.

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