Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear Cancer

I hate you.

You make me sick to my stomach.

I see what you do to people; to families, to friends, to women, to men, to children, to good, hardworking people, and I want to kill you.

I hate that you took my own mother.

I hate that you will forever be part of me.

I want to be more than that. I want to be better than you, but somehow you bring me down to your level.

If you could just move on and leave me alone, I would be okay with that. But I would know that you still exist, and I would still hate you.

I hate that even though my own mother lost the fight, I know how hard it is to overcome your ruthless invasion.

I hate you. I hate you. I hate you.


All of us.


nikkipicky said...

I'm sincerely hoping this letter isn't prompted by a new encounter with Cancer. We have all had enough encounters.

While reading this letter, I was reminded of the phrase from Sunday School last Sunday, "Faith in every footstep." The reason this phrase came to me while reading your hate mail is because if it were'nt for our ability to have faith every day, with every step we take life would sometimes be unbearable. YOU are strong and faithful and a great example. (you are) Thank you. I'm sorry your having what I like to call a MOMENT. I have them too. About all sorts of issues. ;) Hang in there and keep the faith.

Meg & Josh said...


Viki said...

Yes, cancer does suck!! I hate it also. It took a very dear friend away from me when she still had so much to look forward to in life. She will not see her daughter walk down the isle, she will not become a grandmother, she will never know the fun in retirement. She was an amazing person and I miss her. Everytime I work on a piece of jewelry I think of her. I'm so sorry you lost your mom to this horrible disease.

Anonymous said...

Ok, True, cancer zucks!!!!
but writting a letter to it
just wont make a differernce!!
prayer will make a difference!!

Mega said...

Hi Dear...

God leads me to find your blog. I believe as im christian that all diseases can be gone in the name of Jesus. Miracle. I believe Miracle. and i believe that you have miracle also from God. let me pray, dear. In The Name Of Jesus....The Cells Cancer in your body, Gone! Gone! all of you cells!! and no one even one cell Cancer in this body. And all diseases in this body is gone, perfectly Gone.

Ameeeeen!! God bless you dear..:)

Mega from Indonesia.

manojob said...

Hello Keli, I can undrstand your feelings. Hope all is well from now onwards.

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