Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday

I hope that isn't the only title with Happy in it. Today is my Dad's Birthday! Kinda a crappy birthday, spending it in the hospital with my Mom, but at least they are together right? So, Happy Birthday Big Dan you are The Best!!

As for an update:

My Mom called this morning to let us know that they are taking her in for another CAT scan at 9:15. She is going to drink the dye stuff and then they can look at the liver and pancreas better. They are also going to look at her abdomen and pelvis. They have given us a tiny bit of hope that the pancreas isn't quite as bad as they thought originally, but they told us not to get our hopes up. The results from the "brushing" yesterday are still sitting in a lab somewhere in front of a tech that has no idea that we are all on pins and needles waiting for him to do his job. Hopefully in a couple of days we should know.

As for my Dad, I think he is doing a little better. We made him eat a sandwich (Thanks Pat!) and go to bed early last night. He said he sleep better and actually didn't wake up until 7:00 this morning. We appreciate all the visitors and all the phone calls. He learned how to check messages last night, and loved hearing all your voices. He is laughing a lot when we are all together because that is our form of medicine. Kinda weird I know, but it works for us, and you should all know us better than that!


Larissa said...

Laughter is the best medicine. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for my ridiculous habit of laughing at EVERYTHING. I'm known for it, but it was definitely a coping mechanism for me, so I am right there with ya.
Happy Birthday Dan! We love you guys so much!
I've already posted way too many of my thoughts on all your individual blogs. Just know that you are loved and we are all praying for you!

Laura said...

Thanks for the updates! My heart and prayers are with your family at this time. You have the strongest, closest family and will get through this.

Ashley said...

A hospital is not an ideal place to celbrate a birthday but at least they could be together. Stay strong Paula our prayers are with you and your family.

ClistyB said...

Laughter is not weird at all at a time like this. Makes you realize how much you love being with each other.
Looking forward to TroyBoy's post...