Thursday, June 26, 2008

What's up, Chuck?

Good thing Mom is home. She is sicker than a sick dog. Poor, poor mom. She has had a time with it today. But at least she's home now. That is all she wanted after another long night in the hospital. She didn't care that she was sick, she just wanted to come home and go to sleep. I can't say I blame her. As long as she's here, we can take better care of her, and keep the crazy visitors to a minimum. And she doesn't have to be embarrassed of us kids making fun of her when she's stoned out of her mind on morphine. We jest out of love.


Jeanette said...

Noorda family,

I have known your Mom for 20 some odd years and she is a fighter. We wish her well. Your family has a lot of strength and humor. There is humor in all things.

If you need us, you know where we live.

Nikkipicky said...

Okay, well I have never posted on a Blog before and this is my third try at this one, hope it works. :) I guess I should catch up with the times as far as blogs go. I hope novels are ok.

I just wanted to let you all know how much I am thinking of you. I have already told Jill, but wanted the rest of you to know as well.

Your mom is a wonderful lady who influenced my life in more ways than I can ever say. What an example she always was for me way back then. I spent most of my youth practically living at your house and being a part of your family. I have always considered you guys like a second family. So many of my memories include Paula, Danny, Troy, Jill, Keli and even Meg even though she was so little then. You guys have done so much for me and were there for me when I lost my mom. You will never know how much it helped to cross the street and just feel at home.

Time comes and goes and we lose touch physically but the feelings and love never leave us. That is how I feel about your family. I love you guys and miss you all so much. I know you guys are hanging in this together, thats all you can do. Be together and enjoy each other. I would come and visit but is sounds like you get a houseful, and that can be overwhelming I know. Plus we all know I am a BOOB!! I like to laugh, but I love to cry (even though not willingly).

I will keep following the blog for updates on your mom. Give her and your Dad my love! My prayers are with all of you.

Love, Nikki

Kathie said...

I'm so glad Nikki sent this address to me. We weren't sure if you wanted visitors or not--sounds like you've had a lot. I know it's because you are loved by so many people. The kids keep asking "when are we going to Nun and Papa's?" You've always made us feel so welcome on our Sunday visits! We want you to know you are ALL in our thoughts and prayers. If there is anything we can do to help PLEASE let us!!!
All our love
Tyler and Kathie

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you kids are taking the time to let all of us who know and love your mother about her progress and problems. I am sure that this is much easier, than hundreds of phone calls and visitors. We have known your mother all of her life and know what a sweet spirit and fun attitude that she has. We also know how hard this time for your family, but there is comfort in the knowledge of life that we know you have. Your dad is strong when it comes to his health, but I am sure it is hard for him to watch your mom go through this. We hope for the very best for your mom and for all of her family. Please let her know of our love for her and your family. Our families have been close for a whole lot of time. Love to you all Uncle Paul and Aunt Kathy

Nikkipicky said...

Me again! As your family is in my thoughts and prayers I keep thinking of all the memories I have that include you all, whether they be fun, spiritual, sad etc. I have decided instead of feeling bad or writing sad comments I am going to share a memory every time I check your blog. I have decided to call them Noorda's Notables by Nikki. I invite anyone who feels the same and has a memory worth sharing to post it. What better way to fight greif and stress than with a memory that might inspire another memory by someone else.

So my first Noorda's Notable is for Danny! I'll call it "Danny's version of Outer Darkness" Now some memories require a little background.

Way back when...about 24 yrs ago we had a combined YMYW activity where we were all given tickets to spend at booths in a carnival atmosphere. Away we all went spending our tickets on games etc. There were booths relating to scriptures and other gospel related things, pff who wanted to visit those. :) Well after a time the lights flashed and thunder sounded and the stage curtains opened up and there sat three men in white, Judgement Day! We were judged by our number of tickets, then divided into degrees of Glory. If you were sent to outer darkness you encountered Danny. It was....a dark classroom with no windows (the one that used to be by the bathroom), Electric Heaters and Flyswatters. Yes dark, heat and if you talked you were hit with a flyswatter. What should have been He** was actually so much fun, how can you not have fun being swatted with a flyswatter by Danny! :) Those of you who dont remember this probably made better use of your tickets than I! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your comments that you have posted. I went to school with Paula and she is a very special person in my heart. From the little puns that you put in your blogs I can tell that you are certainly her kids. A few of the girls from High School met for lunch just a couple of weeks before your Mom found out about the Cancer. She was so funny and full of laughs that this seemed to hit all of us hard. Please know that even if we don't write in your blog, that each of us are praying for your entire family and that we are keeping in touch with the class mates as time goes by. So please let your Mom know that we love her and think of her each day. When things seem to slow down a bit we will try to start to come for visits. Thanks again for keeping everyone posted.
Marilyn Brown Smith

Anonymous said...

good one! i just made a lot of new emo backgrounds to my blog