Thursday, June 26, 2008

Not just one bag

Mom's surgery didn't go so good. It was supposed to only take 1 hour, but the Dr. didn't know that he wouldn't be able to get the stint in. After 3 1/2 hours she emerged the operating room with not just one bag as planned, but two! Needless to say she was not happy about that. The bags started draining immediately. She started eating Popsicles immediately too. Only orange! She was so funny. Morphine makes her feel better. It also makes her a little silly. She was so cute. She acted out of it but she was sharp as a tack. The nurse asked her if she wanted some pudding, her reply, "Only if its chocolate!". That's my Mom.

This morning we got some good news. The doctor called and spoke with my Dad. He is going to take her back in this morning and take out one of the drains. It is the one that drains into the small intestine and she doesn't need it to be external. She will be so happy. The better news is that in two weeks he will go in and hook the other drain to the small intestine as well. She will be elated!! The Dr. told us she can still come home today, maybe late this afternoon. It will be good to have her home again.

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Mary said...

Thank you for keeping us updated on our sweet friend Paula. We love your family and you are all in our prayers. Tell you mom we love her!!!
Love, Wayne and Mary Andrus