Friday, June 20, 2008


Yesterday we left the hospital flowers in hand and being a little silly. We held our heads high and looked forward to the events of today. We had in every way planned on Mom coming home. When my Dad arrived at the hospital he found Mom in horrible pain. She had a slacker nurse during the night that was just to lazy to call the Dr and give her something for the pain. Don't worry, that nurse will never be seen around Mom's room again. The Noorda Mafia took care of her. After Dad got the good nurse and some Morphine she was doing much better.

She went in for the planned MRI this morning only to see exactly what everyone thought, the Stint put in on Tuesday was blocked and not draining the bile. She was in a lot of pain most of the day. Not her usual good spirits. Which is hard to see and makes me scared for what the close future will bring. The Doctors all felt the same, she should stay there until they get the pain under control and the can find something to drain the bile. We would like her normal color back.

So, tonight as we left the hospital it was a little bit different. Head down, slow walk, eyebrows pointed down in confusion and maybe a little tear or two.

Tomorrows events, take the stint out, schedule new drain and keep Dad happy.


grannybabs said...

I put your mom's name on the roll at the LA Temple - maybe someone else has too - but I wanted to DO something!!

Our prayers are with your mom and all of you!!

Meg said...

We have to remember that there are always going to be bad days, but lets hope the good out weigh those!