Friday, June 20, 2008

One Day At A Time

As I sit here at my desk, thinking of the week's events, I notice influences of Mom all around me. Lead pencils with those crazy big erasers on the top, a QVC box holding the mini TV just high enough for her to see over the top of the hutch on her desk so she can watch QVC, the crazy snow globes, pictures of the grandkids. It makes me a little bit sad, but then I realize that there are influences of Mom everywhere. Even as I sit at stoplights, watching a golden- age woman cross the road with her grandsons do I see my own mom's influence. Every time I see my Madison simmering in the heat, cheeks flushed, I can't help but think of how Mom would feel the same way. That is what is so great about a mom like ours, not even something like cancer is big enough to bring her down.

One day at a time is how we will choose to measure our time with our mom, because each and every day spent together affords blessings, memories, and ultimately influences that last us all, Mom included, an entire lifetime. One day at a time gives us all the opportunity to live, laugh, and love another day.


Laura said...

That was so sweet Troy...youre such a good son (your mamma must have taught you well!) The pictures below are so priceless! Especially the one with the grandkids, that is the greatest picture in the world!!!

Keli said...

This is why you are the favorite.

You're awesome. Well said.

Jill Johnson said...

Keli beat me to it. That is exactly why you are our big brother, and the favorite.

Meg said...

Troy, you are awesome!