Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fast (Continued)

For all those who are planning on attending the fast tonight at 6pm, here is the address:

12459 South 1855 West, Riverton, UT 84065.

Head West on 2200 West from 12600 South. Take first right and the church will be directly in front of you.

We appreciate all the support we have had, and appreciate all those who are planning to take part in the fast. Even if you can't make it, please remember my mom in your prayers.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

As I am listening to the fireworks pre-4th of July, and people are celebrating the holiday. I am in constant mind of your mother. I am not very good at fasting, although I believe in it, I am just not healthy enough for it. She is in my constant thoughts and prayers as well as your siblings and Dan.
Georgette Butterfield Vent

Michelle said...

I recall a skiing ymyw activity where danny was driving the boat and a bird pooped on his head!! Let's just say it is the only time I heard Danny swear! Good ol times in ymyw. Paula was one of the best young women's leaders I could have ever had! She was such a great example. I will be fasting tomorrow with your family. Still waiting for that call to come watch your kids! If you need me please call me, even if its for more enchiladas!!
love you all,

Nikkipicky said...

Another Noorda Notable this one about Meg since this is her post. When Meg was little I used to babysit her a lot. And every time Paula and Danny would leave (they had to leave without her seeing...sneak out) As soon as she noticed she would start to cry and to point where in the house she wanted to go and yell moooom!! Obviously looking for them. Troy and I would have to take her all around the house showing her that they were gone, this lasted a while before she would calm down. I'm sure Troy will remember, ask him!

I'd say Meg's parents have been a number one for her all her life! :)

Fasting with you all and praying for the best!

Nikkipicky said...

And yet another Noorda Noteable.

This is a double, both food memories, since we've all been without for a day.

1st Who can forget the Mexican Dinner night at Lake Powell or Cherry Creek. Love those enchiladas. Now my family always has a Mexican Night with all our camping buddies.

2nd "Where's the chocolate?" Bottom drawer right side. Way back then you could ALWAYS find chocolate, candy, cookies etc. in the right bottom drawer of the bar in the kitchen. Is this still the treat place? I have a place at my house that always has treats and all my kids and the neighbor kids know exactly where it is. (unfortunately so do I :) ) This I learned from Paula and Dan. All my kids friends are always welcome in my home and can make themselves comfortable, hence I always have a houseful of 14 year old boys.

It was great to see you all, I just wish we were seeing each other under different circumstances. Troy you did a great job on the prayer it couldnt have been an easy task and you handled it perfectly. I really felt the spirit.

Shirley Coleman said...

Paula, Dan and Family: Our daughter, Annette Coleman was visiting us from Portland last week and happened to pull up Kelly's Facebook page. We learned of the trials you are going through and our hearts were broken. I am so sorry that you have to go through this. It doesn't seem fair. I felt the same way when Cheryl was first diagnosed. I have to ask why these things happen to such wonderful women? I wish I had the answer. Know that we love you and pray for you each day. You have always been a very special person in my life and I am glad for your friendship. May Heavenly Father's tender mercies be with you and your family. We love you.

Shirley and Jerald Coleman

Nikkipicky said...

Just checking for updates and decided to leave you a Noorda Notable. This one a little more on the tender side.

Who can forget those Girls Camp Testimony meetings. I'll never forget sitting around the campfire, with Paula, the other YW leaders and all us girls. The spirit so strong and singing "Walk Tall Your a Daughter of God".

Just from memory I can remember some of the verse, but I'll never forget the tune.

Long before the time you can remember, Our father held you in his arms so tender, his loving arms released you as he sent you down to earth, he said, my child, I love you dont forget your great worth.

Walk tall your a daughter a child of god, be strong please remember who you are, try to understand your part of his great plan he's closer than you know reach up he'll take your hand.

Other pieces come to mind but not in correct order. It has been 20 some odd years since I've heard or sang it. I'll bet the sheet music is till somewhere at Paula's house. :)

But the feelings I had and the spirit that was felt I will never forget. Or the tears that were shed. This I owe to Paula for the great example she is and for teaching me that I am a Daugther of God and for teaching us that song.

Kathy said...

Noorda kids-

I love your Mom and Dad. They are the world's greatest! As I tell people about childhood experiences, I refer to my Uncle Dan... and then have to remember that he isn't actually related... but I feel like your family is part of ours. I pray every day for your Mom, Dad, and all you kids. My heart is broken with this trial that you are going through. I know that God is watching over you all. We love you all so very much. I am so greatful for the great memories of your parents and you kids and all our boat trips together. I think of your Mom every time I eat a pomegranat. We were eating some on the beach at Mead and laughed that our fingers turned yellow. I remember the Easter egg hunt at the campground; boogie boarding at Mead, etc. They were great times. Remember the goods times, and let God carry you through the bad ones. We love you all! We are praying for you.