Tuesday, July 1, 2008

You can't fool all of the people, all of the time

But if you could, it would seem my mom has done it. Every single card that arrives makes her cry. Not so much because she is sad, but because she doesn't believe what is written. The sweet words of praise that have been written by so many make her feel as if she has never even had a bad thought in her life. Nearly every card has said "I've never heard you raise your voice", or "I've never seen you lose your temper". And all these words are true.

She is honestly the most, excuse the pun, patient person I have ever known. There was a time in her life where she couldn't complain to her boss about her bishop, she couldn't complain to her husband about her boss, and she couldn't complain to her bishop about her husband because they were all the same person! Seriously, I don't know of any woman who can endure that kind of torture and come away unscathed. But she did, and she did it gracefully.

She has always had a huge impact on those around her. Her organization, her ease in conversation, and the uncanny ability to know who anyone's parents or siblings, or grandparents are. This woman knows everyone. And everyone knows her. And loves her.

Thanks for being such a great example of patience and enduring to the end.


Meg said...

Hey, the woman has to have amazing patience to be married to dad for 40 years! On a serious note, she is the most patient woman in the world, and always has been. Whenever we have a problem or need some words of wisdom, she always says "This too shall pass" and she's right. It always does.

Nikkipicky said...

A very memorable Noorda Notable:

My very first time ever going boating/waterskiing. (I mean 1st! I had NEVER been on a boat before) Here we all were standing on the dock, at the old Saratoga marina, loading the old blue boat with the outboard motor. We were all standing there when we heard this terrible noise, a motor at full throttle. Now remember that marinas are wakeless speed. Here comes this old wood jet boat racing straight for us. Yes, it hits the dock!! (Apparently the throttle was stuck.) Of course this sends us all rocking, luckily nobody fell into the water.

Now this jet boat is sitting 20-30 feet away from the dock, with a big hole in the side of it, and sinking. Meanwhile the passenger, a lady, sits there holding up her beer and cigarette so they wont get wet. Picture it, your boat is sinking and you are in it, but whatever happens don't let the beer and cigarette get wet.

This is when Paula yells to the lady, "For Hells Sake, drop your beer and get out of the boat!!" I have never forgotten this. LOL!! Even now it gives me a laugh.

Of course I didnt really want to get into the boat after that. My whole body was shaking. Obviously, I got over it and got in the boat. That was the beginning of years and years of waterskiing for me. I still boat and waterski! :)

Thanks for teaching me the love of boating and the lake. It's a geat way to spend time with the family with no interruptions.

Anonymous said...

It is so great to read all the comments people make daily. They are all true. Paula is truly a wonderful woman, and a super wonderful sister. It is not surprising to hear from the many hearts she has touched. Her quiet humor always saves touchy situations. Thanks to her children for taking such good care of her and lightening her burdens now. Keep up the good work and cherish all these times you have together.
Love, Suz

Nurse Heidi said...

I'm sitting here at LuVera's computer and noticed this blog address written on her scratch pad, so I had to come take a look. My heart hurts that Paula has to go through this. She was one of the first people to welcome me with open arms into the Vawdrey neighborhood, and it's always been a pleasure to bump into her at various showers and other functions. You're right - she is a wonderful example of patience and kindness, and the world is a better place because of her.