Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blessings and Blatter

The Blatter is spelled right. He is Dr. that just about killed our Mom yesterday. I don't know what the H-E double hockey sticks he was thinking. No sedation and he ripped her tubes out and stuck new ones back in. He made the incisions bigger, and put stitches in and sent her home. No pain meds or anything. Good thing we are a pharmacy of pain meds. My poor Dad was home alone with her while we were all enjoying ourselves at Lagoon. We should probably apologize for that, and thinking he was over exaggerating. She was really in a lot of pain and he was scared. I am thankful he is good at pushing the pills. They got it under control with meds but mostly with a priesthood blessing (Thanks to Robert and Noma). It is amazing the faith building experiences we have had in the last 3 1/2 weeks. She is doing better today as long as she stays on top of the pain.

As for the blessing part of my title, I wanted to list 3 enormous blessing in my life. Troy (and Kelli), Keli and Meg. As if you couldn't tell how wonderful they all are. They write about things that I think, but can't write. I am so grateful for them. How would any of us possibly get through this without the others. The Lord has prepared us for a long time for this. Even as far back as when we developed our personalities. We fit together like a irreverent crazy puzzle. We have comic relief via Keli. The go to guy-Troy. The criuse director-Moi! And Meg-A younger version of our Mom, to keep us "in check". How would we ever survive without each other. Thanks guys!!!


Andrew & Heidi said...

Siblings are a true blessing and I think your puzzle analogy describes it perfectly Jill. You guys are very lucky to have each other during this difficult time. I think of you guys often and I pray your Mom is doing better with the pain pills. Maybe that mean doctor needs a visit from the Noorda mafia!

Nikkipicky said...

Noteable for Jill. Remember a time when I was babysitting (I use the word babysitting loosely, I was really just an entertainment coordinator that tried to keep us all out of trouble)anyway I digress. We were racing around the house on the 3/4 wheelers. You were riding the red racing one (the one with the tiny wheels) and around the west side of the house you came at an amazing rate of speed and didn't make the turn sharp enough, *CLANG* you plowed right into the chain link fence between Hales house and yours. Troy and I swore the back of the 4 wheeler left the ground and squashed you between it and the fence, then bounced back. You had a few scratches on your arms to show for this but otherwise right as rain. I remember laughing about it a few minutes later. After we put the wheelers away!!

How did we all survive?! We probably broke every babysitting rule in the book, but boy did we have fun.

I agree the Noorda Mafia must deal with this doctor. Who does that without giving pain meds. There is nothing worse than watching someone you love suffer severe pain and feel helpless. I know I've watched my son suffer off and on for a year. It tears your heart out. I am glad you have the pain med supply. I am also glad you have such a support group in each other. Give your mom a hug from me.

g&gjohns said...

Thanks you so much for the updates. We are praying for your family.