Friday, July 11, 2008

Encore, Encore

Well, we've had an interesting couple of days, how bout you? Yesterday mom was feeling relatively well. She was able to get a haircut, a la moi, and then took a nice long nap. Not long after waking from her nap, she realized she was running a fever. Not a good thing. We gave her Tylenol and put in a call to our friendly Dr. Blatter. Not surprisingly, we didn't hear back from him in a timely manner. Or at all, for that matter. So I proceeded to call around until I could find another friendly Radiologist to help us out. Enter Dr. Kringlen. What a sweetie, if you can call a Doctor that. Anyway, he was so sweet to answer all our questions, and even waited until we found a 24 hour pharmacy nearby. As an aside, the Draper Walgreen's is the closest. So we got the antibiotics for the suspected infection, picked up a chocolate shake for Dad, and went nighty night. This morning she wasn't much better. Worse, actually, if you add a sleepless night on top of the pain and fever. So up to LDS we went. Yep, all of us. After a CT scan, and a tube flush, she seemed to be back on track. Thank goodness that was all. So we were sent home with the yearly insurance premium worth of medical equipment to flush out her tubes each day. This afternoon she seems to be doing better, and even feels like eating a little.

The best part of this day, apart from Mom getting better, was a little concert we privy to whilst waiting in the Radiology waiting room. A young boy, maybe 10 or so, was sitting alone listening to his iPod. As we sat and chatted, we realized he had started singing along aloud. It was a nice little distraction from our serious tone. A few minutes more go by, and we realize he is sitting on the floor over near our table. With an uneaten chocolate chip cookie on our table, I figured that was what he was after. I offered it to him, and merely got a head shake in response, but then he stood and that's where the concert began. We began singing with him as he belted out "Sweet Child O' Mine" from GNR. He even had the mean air guitar thing going on. He was all sorts of into it. And by the end of the song, he received a standing ovation from the crowd. Okay, I was probably the only one who stood, but we were all clapping and laughing. A welcome distraction indeed.


Jill Johnson said...

Oh that boy will be blessed. His mother looked horrified when she came to get him from the waiting room. I wanted to tell her what a time we had, but she hustled him out of the waiting room.

Michelle said...

After working with you at Haircuts Plus and knowing you all my life, I never knew you were such a good writer with such eloquence! I always knew you had such a great sense of humor! I love reading your family blogs every night! You are all in my prayers!
Love, michelle

ClistyB said...

oh, that Draper Walgreens has saved our tail many times, because medical situations always seem to happen after hours, eh?

Nikkipicky said...

A live concert!! Who could ask for a better way to make the time pass while sitting in hospital waiting rooms? When you say we ALL went up to LDS, does that include the littles? You know I have a very responsible 16 year old that could sit with kids at the drop of a hat (free of charge)! I also would be willing to sit with kids, if it would help you all out in anyway. So if you find yourself in need at any hour day or night call us. I am so glad your mom is feeling a little better. Also I'm thinking this Beastly Blatter must be dealt with.

So how about a noteable. I have decided I can't leave out the somewhat embarrasing memories, since these are often the most humorous and reflect the joy of just enjoying moments.

Jill and Troy will remember those riduculous games of strip poker. Hmmmm.. sounds bad doesn't it, until you hear about the 10 barretts in our hair, the 3 pair of socks and other numerous layers of clothing and jewelry we had on before dealing the cards. Of course in our rules each of these counted in removing a piece of clothing. The most we ever stripped down to was probably bare feet and free hair. Did we even know how to play poker? The joys of youth. :)

As always your in my thoughts and prayers.

A Mom of Boys said...

Paula- It was so wonderful to see you at church today. I am sorry I didn't get a chance to say hello in person. I am glad you have your good days too. You have such amazing kids that write such beautiful things. This website is a real tribute to a beautiful woman and her amazing family. Keep your chin up our prayers are with you.

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