Saturday, July 19, 2008

North Country

Here I sit in the Motor home, in West Yellowstone while typing away on my laptop thanks to the KOA's free WiFi. Thought I would update and let everyone know how Mom is doing while spending time in her favorite place with her favorite people, sans the rest of the family. We are having a wonderful time!

After finally getting away Friday, we made it to Rexburg. Mom slept most of the way, but felt good enough to go out to dinner. We were so happy, considering this is the first time she has been out since before the diagnosis. She ate most of her Sirloin Steak, and we almost got her to eat a piece of Coconut Cream pie.
Saturday morning we headed to Yellowstone Bear World, and got some up close and personal time with some Grizzly Bears. So cool! Mom did great, and even asked for a lime snow cone. She said she felt like adding a little spice to her life. :) Like Keli said in the last post, it brings us joy to see mom eat. We are going to show that Dr that she won't have another 12 pound week again!

That brings me to here, sitting in West Yellowstone, with Dad lovingly inspecting his Golden Eagle Pass that he has been waiting 62 years to buy. Free Yellowstone for life for the elderlies. He has never been so proud. In fact, I took a picture to capture the moment.


Anonymous said...

That picture made my day! Thanks for sharing!


ClistyB said...

Meg,I think a picture of Nunn next to a sign that reads YELLOWstone is in order.
And I have deep regrets about my third wheel comment a few post, at the time I thought I was soo funny. har har NOT

Darci & Devin Buhl said...

Thats so great of them to go! I hope you have fun:)

Nikkipicky said...

You go guys!! Vacations anywhere are a blast, but the ones spent with the one you love are the best. No matter where you are. Have a great time. Take tons of Picts.

Noteable. I remember many trips in the old Tioga Motorhome. I'll bet Paula and Dan don't miss having to climb up into that double bed above the cab. Now they have their own private room in the back I'm sure.

I must say it isn't unusual for Paula to sleep most of the drive time. I remember her always sleeping while Troy, Jill and I talked and kept Danny entertained. Jill sometimes even sacked out after a while. Keli, Meg and Paula were always getting a little shut eye. It was probably due to the fact that it seemed we always traveled at night. I remember my first trip to Lake Powell. We arrived so late you couldn't see a thing. The next morning when I woke up I looked out the lower bunk window (this was always my bed when I went, Troy had the top bunk and Keli and Jill had the table) anyway woke up to see the most beautiful blue water and red rock I had seen to that point in my life. Thank you Noorda's for teaching me to love Lake Powell. One of my families favorite summer vacays.

noorda notebook said...

we love you and we're praying for you! next week we're driving up to mink creek to see kath and leon for the first time since the mission. we'd love to stop in and say hi if we can.

cat & jamo

noorda notebook said...
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