Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fan Mail

Cards, pictures, letters. Some with colorful stickers, some with little puffy appliques, even some with those little stick-on googly eyes. We've all seen 'em. Jill mentioned yesterday that Mom has probably sent out more cards in her lifetime than anyone she knows. Certainly more than anyone I know. But now it's her turn. More fan mail comes to her mailbox than Barry Manilow at a scrapbooking convention. No, seriously. Like she needs to hire someone just to read her fan mail.

Think about that for a minute. If I was to get cancer, I'd probably get letters. They'd say, 'Serves you right!', or 'Good!', or maybe the good 'ol 'Couldn't happen to a better guy!'. But not our mom. Friends, neighbors, even long lost high school friends. That is just the kind of person she is. It is a testament to how she has lived her life; treating others as she would like to be treated, putting the needs of others in front of her own. So much fan mail from so many people. People like me who, even just for a minute, would love to be a little better, like our mom.

It's hard to see difficult things happen to someone as beautiful as our mom, and I think about 'why' all the time. But even in the face of such adversity, she shines on as a brilliant inspiration to all who know her. And although it isn't fair, sometimes I wonder if maybe she isn't just a little too good for this earth. But for now, we're keeping her, all to ourselves. And we'll continue to love and cherish every minute. Oh, and help her with her fan mail.


Nikkipicky said...

Yet another Noorda Noteable, I'm sure you wondering when I'll ever stop.

Mmmmm...what can I share about Troy that won't be to terrible for him. :)

Since it's the 4th of July holiday season and time for fireworks, I'll share a memory of crime and evasion. Do you remember having bottle rocket wars with Marty Brenda and friends across the street from your house to mine. Here we are launching ILLEGAL fireworks across the street at each other and a sherriff pulls up, right as a bottle rocket lands on or near his windshield. Talk about scatter!! Me, Troy, and I think Jill and possibly Jameson scattered to the nearest cover, the boat. Who knows where the rest went. But *phew* it was a close one. Here we are crouched inside the boat trying to be silent. Funny how the war wasn't as fun as the evasion and fear of getting caught.

Hopefully these aren't just my memories but you all remember them too, once I jog your memory. Otherwise I am going to feel as if I am loosing my mind at such a young..well middle age. :)

Larissa said...

I don't know anyone that would say that rude stuff about you or anyone else in your family. I bet you would even get some of your own fan mail. Probably not so much the googly eyes or crafty schmafty cards, because you're a dude and that would be weird! But, I agree with you that your mother is a great example to us all. An example of how to live our lives and an example of how to face adversity. She may just possibly be too good for this earth! That thought has crossed my mind too. Hang in there!