Monday, July 7, 2008

Lemonade, Anyone?

Today was a lemonade kind of day. And not just because of the sweltering heat. It's time to start squeezing those lemons we've been given.

For those of you into medical terminology, you're about to get your rocks off here. Ready?

I had you for a minute there, didn't I. Okay, maybe just a little. We found out a few things today at the doctor visit for mi madre. Really, we didn't find out much more than we already knew, but it's still hard hearing it. We did find out that she can start chemo whenever she chooses. She seems strong enough, and really, it's just up to her to decide when she can work it in to her busy schedule. We also found out that the cancer releases proteins that the brain interprets as a "full stomach" signal. That would explain the appetite loss. So she can eat whatever she wants, it's just a matter of wanting it. But trust me, with all of us kids around to force feed her, she won't have a problem with food.

Mom is doing well. She is holding up nicely, as always. Does that make her sound like an old truck? Sorry, mom. I think she and Dad will try and get away for a little vacay here, pretty soon. They love doing that, and it always makes her feel better when she can get up to Yellowstone and relax. So some R and R, some good drugs, and the best kids on earth should make her one happy woman.


ClistyB said...

Seriously? Y-E-L-L-O-W Stone?

Kelli said...

Yellow has definitely been a theme lately hasen't it.

Nikkipicky said...

Loooove the lemon background. So appropriate. Keli can I just say you rock! I love your comments, you obviously have a wonderful sense of humor.